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Leave no trace!

Garbage bins amidst nature are problematic for many reasons: vehicles that are used to empty the bins wear the terrain and cause emissions, waste tends to spread out to the surroundings and animals can get hurt when digging into plastic and sheet metal waste. The Leave No Trace principles apply to all hiking destinations of Rovaniemi.

The Leave No Trace hiking refers to the responsibility of hikers to bring back all waste they have produced. There are no garbage bins for mixed waste at the rest areas of hiking trails or at nature destinations. A responsible hiker carries an empty plastic bag for wrappings, empty jars and other waste. It is also handy for picking up any waste laying on the ground left behind by irresponsible hikers.

Key rules of leave-no-trace hiking

1. Make use of durable containers and dishes when hiking.

2. Compost biowaste in the compost toilet or composting bin of the rest area.

3. Burn only clean cardboard and wrapping paper. Packages containing foil and plastic can produce toxic gasses when burning.

4. Bring all other waste back with you. You can leave waste at the nearest eco-point or waste sorting point.

Locations of eco-points and sorting points at Rovaniemi (in Finnish):